In March 1998 Gary Graham decided to go MAD…

….formally a Design Director of Zedlogic Ltd (Graphic Design Consultancy), he also held the positions of Design/Production Director of Baker & Smith (Advertising Agency, 2m billings) and Hornblower  Ltd (Integrated Communications Agency) and the reason for he’s madness, he wanted to go back to his true love of specialising in design for print and corporate identity and hence MAD COMMUNICATIONS was created. … mind you, MAD still does the other stuff advertising, exhibitions, outdoor display, e-shots, web etc.

MAD Communications approach is simple. We’re always thinking outside of the box, are driven by passion and have a great eye for design. We offer a full range of services and place emphasis on creativity and best production methodology.

We produce work that is aesthetically pleasing and commercially viable. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives as an individual or as the business, to be able to effectively communicate the intended message and build value.

We structure and manage each of our projects to meet the unique requirements of the particular assignment.

If you’d like to have a one-to-one with Gary or simply a little bit more information on the madness please feel free to contact him: garyg@madcoms.co.uk